Montag, 18. Juli 2011

63.) Montego Bay, 11. November 1896, Duties, Happiness and a Contract

Today I signed a contract for two years with the Montego Bay Pirates. The money is ok, double my previous salary. I lost a lot of money due the fact that my last season was quite bad, nobody's fault but mine!
That said, my season with the Clippers was not without some bright points. I liked the town, most of the players and coaches were really nice guys and we had the best Clippers seson ever, 77 victories, six more than the previous best.

I had hoped to find employment on a Montego Bay team for quite some time and I'm extremely happy it worked as planned. It had been my goal to be able to spend more time with Anne-Mary and Little Jac. Now I'm really close to home, my home, all season long (except for road trips of course).
Writing the words 'my home' makes me hesitate. Not long ago these words would have seemed to be from a foreign language that I was incapable to master. I never had a home, all I had was a place to get a good night's sleep in order to be ready for next day's ballgame. My belongings were so few, I could grab all of them with my two hands and move on to another place at any moment.
I took a foolish pride in being a vagabond, a ballgame drifter. Nothing would tie me down and I easily could imagine to hide and vanish far way, in some wilderness some day. Now many of my earlier opinions and feelings appear vaguely ridiculous to me, but still I sense the remnants of that misguided pride deep within me.
Pondering all this I came to  feel an immense gratitude toward Anne-Mary. If not for her, where would I have ended up? I would have gone out! All out!
It's a home I have now. There are duties that I sincerely intend to fulfill and there is happiness that I'm fully  prepared to enjoy, as a husband, a father and a ballplayer.

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