Sonntag, 14. August 2011

10.7.1897, Liberty City, Red League's standings and stars at the All-Star break (first 2 teams)


Best Players at the All-Star break:
1 Irwin Carter 1b, the 4-time MVP was hampered by injuries this year. Still compiled great numbers : .377/.506/.588.

2. Jim Radtke, RF , plays another outstanding season for the Reds.

3. Oliver Tucker RHP, the righty is the best starten in a shaky Reds rotation, (8-2, 2.50 ERA).

PORT MARIA MARINERS 51-37  4 games back

1.) Ken Bitner, LHP, started his ballgame career in the seniors as a 16-year old in 1890, now at 23 he finally seems to fulfil his promise. (9-5, 2.03 ERA)
2.) Warren Eckard, 1b, has already 34 HRs, if he keeps up his pace he could finish with a record 63!

3.) Jim Mc Millan, C, now a 3-time all-star, batting .327/.407/.535.

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