Freitag, 2. September 2011

70.) August, 31st, Montego Bay , A Day in a Pennant Race, sort of...

The date:  August 31st

The situation: we, the Pirates, are 8,5 games behind the Reds

Today`s games: Blue Sox at Pirates, Calico Jacks at Reds

Blue Sox vs Pirates means a Montego Bay derby. The Blue Sox generally regarded as the minor Montego club. their current record is 61-71 in the Red League, this is a inter-league game.

After top of 2nd we're down 7-0. Our starter Armstrong has been rattled thoroughly. The Reds are down 4-0 after 2.

We manage a run in the bottom of the 2nd. Score is 7-1 Blue Sox

I just struck out in the 3rd. 7-1 Blue Sox, Reds scored big, 6-4 Reds in the 3rd still batting.

4th inning: both clubs scored once: 8-2 Blue Sox, a Miller HR did the job for us. Reds ahead 6-4.

5th inning: no change in either game. Blue Sox' starter Dave Clontz pitches a great game. He's an old friend of mine. We were teammates in my first pro season in the juniors.

6th inning, they tagged on another run now 9-2, no change elsewhere

7th inning still 9-3 Blue Sox , but the Calico Jacks tied the Reds at 6!

8th inning, no change in either game

9th inning final Blue Sox 9 Pirates 3 and the Reds win 7-6 after the 10th! That means we're 9,5 games back now. 29 games to play.

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