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75.) October, 15, 1898, Montego Bay, A letter from Ran (part 2)

His letter continues thusly:

Let me talk to you now about a matter that matters. No beating about the bush: I bought a majority stake in the St Andrew Brothers ballclub! Thats right Im an owner now, so behave, you pall-playing peasant! The academic crowd of St Andrews that had been running the team got tired of it. All those engineers, schoolmasters and dermatologists noticed at last that a team without patrons inhales a lot of money and exhales hot air only. You saw it yourself the weekday crowds were usually weak (my apologies for all stupid puns youre encoutering here!) and downright puny. And thats affordable to a certain point only.

I didnt get the club for a song exactly, but lets say, for a garland of songs. My old man loaned the dough, at market rates, my friend. But thats alright. You know big daddy and his brilliant offspring Ran were sometimes at odds in the past , regarding my aptitude for the business way of life. So I go it on my own now running this little sweat-shop of a ballclub.
Lets hope Im not the one sweating blood or money in the futere, because the first challenge thats to be met is finding a place to play for the 1900 season. The University of St Andrew chose to terminate the lease of the Brothers ballpark!
This cozy little field of play with the Girls Dorms walls as the left field fence will stay in my heart, if not in my wallet. The Regents are convinced they need the space to expand the campus facility, so be it.
Whence now, youll ask. I got at least two options: stay in North Liberty City, ask the city council for a suitable lot and money to build a new ballpark (in the Half Way Tree section possibly) or move the ballclub to another lovely town like Falmouth, the gentry there is said to be keen for a ballclub. That ahs to be decided before the 1899 starts, what would you prefer?
Beside this I wanted to ask you to join in this enterprise as a bench coach (or should I rather say Assistant Manager?) for this club and take over the rein in two yearss time. I need someone that I have complete trust in. I understand that you  were lucky that quite a lot of pitches hit your bat last season, so youre probably not in the mood to retire. If youre after all, let me know at once!
Not to forget the most important news: Rachel and I decided to marry. Each other, in case you wonder! Youll get an invitation for the festivities shortly.

My best kisses to Anne-Mary and little Jacob and regards to you


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