Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

26.) May Pen, May 29,1893, Mariners Pay a Visit to May Pen

>We won the first game of our three-game series today versus the Port Maria Mariners. I was happy to greet some old friends from my Claremont Blue Rock time, since it is and was the Mariners farm team. Warren Eckard, a back-up OF or Jesse Skiba, who holds down the CF job. I vividly remember his OF play in Claremont. Every time a fly ball went in his direction the dugout send a volley of prayers to the gods of the ballgame. I looked it up he made 17 errors, but forgive him a wild 20 year old away from home for the first time. In the Seniors now he has played 190 games commiting a single error.

May Pen Jaguars 7 Port Maria Mariners 2

Blues lost to White Sox


Jags              30-21
Calico Jacks 1 game back
Blues            1,5 games back


Oldtimers     31-22
Reds            0.5 games back
White Sox    2 games back

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