Sonntag, 10. April 2011

31.) May Pen, Juni 5, A Sweep and a Trade

Everything worked out brilliantly in our Calico Jacks series. We ain't afraid of nobody! we won big 10-1, and small. 1-0, and another one 5-3. The bad thing is, the Blues swept its series too.
An event before the our game put us in state of shock for a short time. Bob Coil was traded to the Savannah Oldtimers! Coil is very well liked among his teammates as a person and as a ballplayer. He has been with the Jaguars from the start of league play in 1890. His career line is .280/.369/.441, quite solid.
Joining our team is Bill Hagans, a regular for the Blues until joining Savannhah in 1893. Both players can play 1st, 3rd and corner outfields. I can't see Hagans to be an upgrade on Coil and he's 5 years older. I just don't know what went through GM Christian Perryman's head, but maybe he is smarter than me.
Now we leave for Montego bay for 3 and then to Liberty City against the Blues!

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